We believe that if we take care of present we inspire a better future where we ensure a healthy nation and we give birth to a healthy world.We are not only careful about safety and efficacy of our products but also the way that can be administered by patients themselves. Our treating portfolio includes treatment for major health conditions:Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Otitis Media, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Spondylarthritis, Gout, Allergic rhinitis, Asthma, General weakness, Fatigue, Aging etc.

We are committed towards empowering life and well being of people. We are committed to offering therapies that treat & prevent disease, to helping people in need.  Our exclusive focus is to help patients recover and maintain healthy  body through a variety of products like antibiotics, nerve rejuvenators, anti-inflammatories and analgesics etc.We provide health care professionals especially physicians around the country, a full range of innovative products and services.We believe that the best way to care health is to care people.

Biosys Medisciences started operations in the year 1998, with a mission of providing complete end to end solutions in pharma manufacturing, keeping the process DEFINITELY GREEN.

Biosys Mediscinces, India’s one of the largest, integrated research based pharmaceutical company. We produce a wide range of quality and affordable generic medicines. An integrated healthcare solutions provider with pharmaceutical product basket, which caters to different therapeutic areas that include Anti-infectives, Cardiacare, Vitamins, Anti-Parasitic, NSAIDs, Cough Preparations, Corticosteroids, Central Nervous system, Anti anaemic, Anti ulcerant, Analgesics, Anti Diabetic, Anti Asthmatics. We also focus on Nutrients, Harmones/Stimulants, Anti-Histamine, Antacids/anti flatulent, Anti-emetic, cold preparations, Derma Care, Bacteriological Products, Derma Drugs & Medicines, Saline products, Injection & Many more. Blood Preservation product and many more. We focus on providing high quality, appropriately priced products to its customers and supports all these with dedicated customer service. Biosys Medisciences has a multicultural, multilingual and multinational workforce, as a responsible corporate citizen conscious of its duty towards various sections of the society and look forward for Green and healthy India.

Biosys Medisciences  is a Ahmedabad based pharmaceutical company, established in 1998 with the vision of making world class affordable medicines. Biosys Medisciences is a research driven forward looking pharmaceutical company with expertise in development of various finished dosage.
Since its inception in 1998, Biosys Medisciences has been focused to manufacture an extensive spectrum of pharmaceutical formulation products.

We engage in the research, development, manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, and distribution of high-quality pharmaceutical products. We are a fully integrated company with in-house business development, R&D, manufacturing and regulatory compliance capabilities.

With the assistance of latest equipments, the automated and modern production process has been prepared. We offer a complete range of products with prompt and reliable assistance for all our customers.
Consequently, our large-scale production capacities, highly qualified production, and quality control staff, state of art EU-GMP certified manufacturing facility combines to give a perfect environment for outsourcing or contract manufacturing pharmaceutical products. This synergy allows us to provide the highest quality products to our clients in a timely manner that is extremely cost competitive.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

Highly and professionally educated employees play an important role in the development of the company who continue to permanently educate and improve themselves in order to broaden the knowledge base and improve expert skills. All members of our organization are fully committed to quality and compliance to ensure our products meeting the highest quality standards.
Our clients span from small startup biopharmaceuticals to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.