A Quality par-excellence, delivering seamlessly is our hallmark.
Biosys quality supervision is demonstrated at all phases of product life cycle. Quality evaluation begins with careful documentation. This ensures compliance with good laboratory practices and consequently integrity of the data produced. Quality supervision is continued for production, distribution and conclusion for shelf life of product.

Our commitment to quality and adherence to best practices has proven itself time and again. Biosys couples product innovation with standardized manufacturing processes to deliver exceptional value to customers.

To this end the company has been certified by various independent bodies and has memberships with premier industry associations.

We at Biosys Medisciences are committed to supply good quality products, excelling laid down standards to delight our customers by continually upgrading our skill, technology, processes and complying to Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality Management Systems.

“We strive for Total customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in processes and systems, delivering consistent quality meeting International standards”
Our Motto is “On Time In Full”.

We are committed towards empowering life and well being of people. We are committed to offering therapies that treat & prevent disease, to helping people in need. 

Our exclusive focus is to help patients recover and maintain healthy  body through a variety of products like antibiotics, nerve rejuvenators, anti-inflammatories and analgesics etc.

We provide health care professionals especially physicians around the country, a full range of innovative products and services.

We believe that the best way to care health is to care people.

Our commitment to quality, value and innovation has led to highly visible, category-leading brands in Indian market. After successful establishment in India, we have started exporting our products in countries like Mauritius, UAE, Bangladesh, Yemen, Nepal and Afghanistan. We are aiming to expand globally. We are satisfied with our excellent relationship with our distributors, built day after day in several years of hard work. We never stop to dare and to grow, driven by our passion for what we do. We are passionate to be different in a positive way…